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Temi's wide-range of engagement programming capabilities include delighting residents and families with seamless video calling, delivering telepresence doctor visits and providing residents entertaining interactions.

Adding Temi to your programming department is like adding another team member.



Music Mode

Leverage your community’s Temi Robot to spread joy and relaxation throughout your community. Music itself is therapeutic as it can improve mood and activates cognitive stimulation.


Room Visits

Schedule Temi to visit specific residents in their home or room and play music based on each resident’s preference. 


Musical Tour

Program Temi to tour the community on a specific path at specific times while playing various musical soundtracks.


Remote Real-Time Performances

Schedule entertainers to video call into the robot and perform for residents.


Happy Birthday Songstress

Create instant joy by having Temi deliver a special happy birthday song or message directly to your residents! 


Greet Mode

Engage Temi Robot to greet building guests with specific functions on the robot’s screen. This is a great way to make a good first impression and let your guests know that your Community invests in the future!


Family Mode

Connect residents with their family members through Temi’s video calling feature. Once family members download the Temi Mobile Application, a hands-free video call makes it feel as if the family is together. 

Zoom will be available in early 2021.

Game Mode

Temi creates engagement through a wide range of games and applications. Program Temi to visit residents or a location and have Temi play a game like Guessing Game, Charades, or Tic-Tac-Toe


Messenger Mode

Use Temi Center’s sequence scheduling feature, to have Temi autonomously move around your Community and deliver specific messages, such as; ‘Have a great day!” or “Please join us for a Town Hall meeting in the auditorium at 3pm this afternoon.”

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Voice Mode

Create a sense of autonomy and support dynamic engagement by leveraging Alexa, the

built-in personal voice assistant, and all of the associated Alexa Skills.

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Patrol Mode

Mobilize Temi to visit programmed locations on an autonomous loop to share musical tours, remote performances, virtual visits and more!