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Content Management

The "Admin Dashboard"

The Admin Dashboard is the central content management for all Connected Living offerings. This powerful content management system centralizes input and management of all community information. Providing residents, family members and prospects a customized window in to your community, culture and lifestyle that give a competitive edge. Simply enter your calendar, menu or other pertinent community data through one point of entry and it is disseminated to multiple endpoints, improving operational efficiencies and ROI.


Not Your "Cookie Cutter" PowerPoint Presentation!

Our state-of-the-art senior living Digital Signage can transform your lobby or common space. Whether you simply require an elegant format for displaying information or you want a “wow factor” with interaction, the Connected Living digital sign offering is the best in the industry. You take pride in how your community looks and we will help you take it to the next level. Engage families, prospects, visitors and residents with personalized welcome messages or have them take a tour of your campus through wayfinding capabilities. Maintaining your brand standards and available with or without touchscreen capabilities.

Mobile App

Including concierge services.

Our mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is the centerpiece of our offering, providing an effective direct line of communication to residents, families, prospects and employees. We’ve tailored the app to be friendly to seniors and powerful for employers and families. While there is an impressive feature set accessible through the app, it remains easy to use by all.


• Private social networking/informational groups

• Instant access to community information

• Increased family engagement

• Immediate push notifications for urgent communications

Voice Products

Amazon Alexa Integration

Our exclusive partnership with Amazon integrates the Connected Living ecosystem and the Amazon Echo product line of Alexa-enabled smart speaker devices. The integration fits into the workflow of residents and family members who are already using Alexa devices at home. In addition, visually impaired and residents with dexterity issues no longer need to rely on reading from a screen to stay engaged and informed. 

Residents can ask community related questions, receive daily flash briefings, access concierge services and connect to community departments.
Communities can manage all Echo products within the community and integrate “smart building” technology that responds to Alexa commands. Additionally, CL customizes each Echo product to the preferences of resident.

Private TV

Your residents will love the convenience of accessing community information, on demand, through their TV.Accessing the same important information from the Admin Dashboard as your signage, the Private TV channel will provide that additional communication link to each resident in the comfort of their own home. Promote special events, live stream events (like community mass service), schedule movies and videos to play at a specified date and time.

Smart Home

Connected smart living technology in the home provides residents with enhanced conveniences, improved security and increased comfort. Connected Living will set up your in-home network so that you can remotely control lights, locks, alarms and more to provide remote control.

Resident Network

Our legacy web-based resident network provides community information to residents through any major browser. Secure for all, access community-driven content including: menus, calendars, photos, videos, alerts, etc.


  •  Resident and Staff Directories available

  • Access to music and video entertainment

  • Picture-based email

Calendars & Newsletters

To maintain operational efficiencies, we make it easy to print your calendars and newsletters directly from the Dashboard. Once your template is configured, with a few clicks you can have your calendars delivered to your doorstep before every month. Create multiple activity calendars tailored to each level of care or type of activity. 


• Maintains your brand standards (colors, fonts, logos, etc.) 

• Print locally or have it professionally printed and delivered 

• Share high res PDF newsletter/calendar on your website 

• Create multiple activity calendars tailored to each level of living 

Partner Integrations

If you use it, we can integrate with it.

There are no boundaries to the services and products Connected Living can integrate with. Our platform allows for limitless possibilities to help streamline your operational processes into one easy to use solution for all staff. From culinary to maintenance requests and POS systems, our product is built to work with the current systems you have in place or looking to partner with. Empowering your residents and staff to simplify the day-to-day. 

Engagement Programming

Connected Living University

Connected Living’s robust curriculum and group discussions topics are available to all activity and programming directors as well as residents. Accessing the content is easy using our web-based portal, and everyone seeking knowledge and entertainment will benefit. 

• Large library of 250 + topics 

• Curriculum and Discussion Group programming 

• Group-based activities encourage interaction, socialization and memory recall 


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