Alexa Echo Show kit - 2nd Gen

Activate joy from day one by welcoming residents with the gift of freedom! Your innovative culture supports their move-in transition and ongoing daily life with instant access to community information through an Alexa-enabled device.


The Amazon Alexa Echo Show Kit comes fully equipped with the Voice First platform and includes all levels of living in your community, dining menus, calendar events, announcements, bulletins and customized additional skills. 


Kit includes; 1 Amazon Alexa Echo Show, Enterprise Profile Skills configuration, Wifi configuration, gift packaging, prompts and user guide, taxes & fees.


*Community must have Voice First Alexa skill monthly subscription prior to activation.

Call Connected Living for additional details 1-800-223-5080.

Alexa Echo Show kit - 2nd Gen


Ideal when tech savvy residents prefer to customize their own devices on-demand.


  • Residents use their personal Amazon account.
  • Community does not manage devices.
  • Customizable; each resident or family member manages ‘skills’ on their device as desired.
  • Community determines device ownership
  • Deployed a la carte
  • Device/s arrive configured to Enterprise Profile, ready for plug & play