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Temi Takes on Ohio!

Being a technology company that has operated within the senior living space for the past decade, we are lucky enough to have been on the forefront of many innovations within our industry. While the senior living industry has always been our main focus for our subject matter, this year we received the opportunity to bring our solutions to a different audience...the behavioral health industry.

As unique as the senior living industry can be, there are a plethora of other industries that cross-over in similarities. The behavioral health industry has proven to be one of them. Rami Saban, Connected Living's Director of Technology, oversaw the implementation.

“This technology initiative for the state of Ohio is one of the first we have been involved with in the behavioral health industry. The excitement from their teams have been unmatched,” Saban said. “Introducing technology of this caliber can be difficult, but the teams of the Ohio DODD readily accepted the challenge to be innovators with robotics.”

The pilot aligns with the state’s Technology First initiative and ongoing efforts to increase the use of innovative technologies across the services spectrum, said Stacy Collins of DODD’s Division of Policy and Strategic Direction.

“We really want to pilot them, test them, see if they can be helpful to people with developmental disabilities,” Collins said of the robots. “Can they help meet the needs of families, providers and DSPs? We’re excited to find out.”

When the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities team reached out to us about bringing temi the robot into a variety of their community settings, Connected Living graciously accepted the new challenge. After extensive field research and outreach for participation, Ohio DODD decided to kickstart a pilot of deploying 10 temi robots to locations for use in homes, schools, intermediate-care facilities, a developmental center and employment site.

Temi the robot is the first Alexa-enabled robot in the world. With autonomous navigation within an environment, temi can navigate safely and efficiently with mapped and unmapped locations. Being an Alexa-enabled device expands the robot's immense capabilities. With built-in smart display, motion sensors and facial recognition, temi robots can answer questions, respond to commands, play music, stream videos, follow people around and visit programmed locations.

To learn more about innovations with Connected Living, schedule a demo to see the benefits of our full-suite of technology solutions.

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