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Improve ROI and the Resident Experience with Enhanced Engagement Data Reporting.

Connected Living, a senior living technology company, works with senior living providers to optimize resident engagement. Utilizing data based feedback on event attendance and engagement, our enhanced reporting takes the guesswork out of programming success. Communities can pinpoint ROI by learning and responding to how residents and families are engaging with the Resident Portal or Connected Living Mobile App. New reports, highlighted below, allow Connected Living community administrators to make insightful data-based decisions about engagement.

The Resident Usage Report gives clear insights into the number of community residents using the Mobile App (App Users) and/or the Resident Portal (eCMS). Administrators can run this report for one, multiple, or all communities. Simply add the community census and this report calculates the percent of residents using the various Connected Living products.

The Resident Page-view Report provides a detailed, visual account of exactly which features residents are utilizing on the Mobile App and/or the Resident Portal (eCMS on the Web). The report can be run for a single community, multiple communities or at the corporate "all-communities" level. Utilizing this information, administrators can confidently focus their time and resources on the content that matters most to the residents and families.

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