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A Letter from Our President

For those who know me or Connected Living, you know the personal connection I have with this business. I remember exactly where I was standing over fifteen years ago when my father came down the stairs one morning and rattled off another one of this crazy business ideas. This particular concept, while far-fetched, caught my attention. He said, “How about a social network for seniors?” And just like that, my father teamed up with Sarah Hoit and the rest was history...until now.

I am excited, honored and humbled to now assume the role of President at Connected Living.

As I look back at my journey with our team, I have seen many different titles, shared countless responsibilities and worked alongside so many impactful leaders in our industry. My goal all along the way has been to continue pushing my late father’s legacy forward into the new age of technology and senior living.

What Connected Living has been providing to the senior living industry should be at the minimum, a standard in every community. Seniors, caregivers and their loved ones deserve a platform that allows for ease of communication, engagement programming and the most important piece of all…connection.

There has never been a moment like this in the industry where technology has taken such a front and center stage. This is the time where real change and momentum will be made.

To my Dad: No matter where my professional career takes me in the future, carrying on your torch will undoubtedly be my biggest professional accomplishment.

To Sarah Hoit: Thank you for endless dedication, support, and friendship.

To the Connected Living TEAM: Let's Rock and Roll.


Brian McWade, President

Connected Living

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