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2022 AgeTech Market Map

Navigating the vast group of providers in the senior living & healthcare spaces can be challenging. This industry, built to support the aging population, continues to grow & progress each year with advancements in research, clinical studies & technology.

Keren Etkin studied gerontology at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, but her enthusiasm for technology lead her to create TheGerontechnologist. Amongst other accolades throughout her career, Etkin also wrote & published The AgeTech Revolution, a book that details her perspective on the future of aging & technology, driven by data.

So what is AgeTech & why is it important?

As Keren defines on her website, "AgeTech is technology that’s designed to meet the needs of older adults & those who care for them, & includes older adults (& other stakeholders) in the design process."

AgeTech has evolved within the senior living industry & the increasing need for organizations that provide these solutions continues to expand almost every day. At Connected Living's inception back in 2006, Connected Living's founders set out to be part of that solution. What began as an opportunity to teach seniors simple technology like right-click & left-click, how to attach an image to an email, & how to maintain connections with loved ones - evolved into something much more.

When Connected Living first hit the market, only 15% of seniors had access to internet. In addition to that, 96% of seniors had a negative view of technology on society. Fast-forward to current day, where 1 out of every 2 seniors that move into senior living have a smart phone that they utilize at least 3 times per day.

The 2022 AgeTech Market Map

Each year, Keren & her team with The Gerontechnologist work diligently to produce the infamous AgeTech Market Map. This compilation of resources, vendors & providers puts all of the industry's players in one place with an interactive pdf.

Connected Living debuted on this year's edition of the AgeTech Market Map under the category, "For Senior Living." Our team was honored to be listed amongst many other leading organizations supporting the senior living industry. If you have not had a chance to review this year's resource, visit & download your copy today!

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