It’s with great excitement that we announce Connected Living has partnered with Omega Healthcare Investors and is now a wholly owned subsidiary (NYSE: OHI).


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For over a decade Connected Living’s mission has been to provide innovative technology solutions and services that inspire an aging population to connect, contribute, and live each day to its fullest.  Through our partnership with Omega Healthcare, we expand the breadth of our reach and will continue to push the limits of innovation and build products and solutions that can have the maximum impact on our aging population worldwide.

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Chief Executive Officer - Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.

“We are excited to have partnered with Connected Living and their industry-leading technology. Human connection and engagement have always been key elements of effective resident care and the pandemic has reinforced their importance. Through Connected Living, we look forward to helping senior care centers connect residents with staff, family, and friends to provide an enhanced experience for everyone.”



Chief Executive Officer - Connected Living

“We are so honored to have partnered with Omega Healthcare investors. The opportunity, at this critical moment in time, to have the additional strength and global reach to make a meaningful impact together is our common vision."