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Connected Living Concierge

Connected Living is excited to offer the employees of Johnson & Johnson an exclusive VIP Concierge Service promotion - a powerful way to attend to life's daily tasks, take care of family needs, and stay focused on self-care.

In addition to everything your 24/7 personal assistant can provide, you will also have access to a private family app and a suite of other services and programs designed to improve daily health and wellness. 


Accomplish goals. Save time. Preserve precious memories. Boost mind, body and spirit.

VIP Concierge Services

As part of this promotion, you and one of your loved ones can now directly reach your own personal assistant 24/7 through the Connected Living (CL) app and save precious personal and work time to accomplish essential tasks. 

Mobile Engagement

The Connected Living mobile app enables you to securely share important and creative content with your family and friends, eliminating the risk of being pestered by advertising and marketing.  

Free Private Family Network

Access your own secure and private mobile family network where you can share photos, videos, thoughts and life's important moments with family and friends. Using a simple code instantaneously creates your own community of family and friends enabling you to stay in touch with loved ones regardless of location or time zone.  

YOUR concierge can


...and much more

Family Updates

Receive pictures, videos and text from loved ones and friends by creating posts,  and chronicle your personal journey and important life moments with the use of TIME CAPSULE in your Connected Living family app.

Location Alerts

Gain peace of mind by receiving automatic alerts when your loved ones come or go to and from important locations.


With the push of a button, you can engage a personal assistant to help with organizing your home services, personal tasks, and travel or leisure plans for themselves or family members.


Lyft Concierge allows you to schedule, track, and pay for Lyft rides for anyone in your family...helping with doctor's appointments, daily errands and visits with family and friends.

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