With over 10 years of experience deploying technology to assisted living, independent living,

memory care and skilled nursing environments, Connected Living’s expertise is invaluable for

Architects, Developers and Operators who are planning or are in the midst of senior living

community construction projects or renovations. Our expertise ranges from infrastructure

assessments for WIFI and electrical to ADA compliance and setting up prospect engagement

programs prior to building opening.

We approach each project with curiosity and excitement to create a customized solution that

nurtures engagement and improves quality of life for years to come.

Pre-Construction Planning & Post-Construction Deployment

We implement a building preparedness assessment and pre-planning for technology deployment.

We’ll envelop your community with state-of-the-art experiences that light up everyday life.

  • Review Building Architectural Drawings & Blueprints

  • Make Recommendations for Infrastructure to Support Engagement Technology

  • Create Detailed Specifications

  • Determine Content Strategy for Signage, Mobile Application and Voice Experiences

  • Implement Custom Signage Design Experience

  • Procure, Configure, Deploy & Install Equipment

  • Train Employees & Provide Ongoing Support

  • Facilitate Celebratory Launch Events as Applicable

Architecture Model Sketching

Sales Gallery Technology Design & Installation

Your community has a unique value proposition to communicate to prospects. We’ll partner with your team to translate your story into a sophisticated, relevant experience that ensures each prospect’s experience is exceptional.

watermark westwood floorplans.png
  • Review Sales Gallery Architectural Drawings & Blueprints

  • Consult to Understand Desired Prospect Experience & Needs

  • Implement Custom Sales Gallery Signage & Kiosk Design Experience

  • Procure, Configure, Deploy & Install Equipment

  • Train Sales Team to Leverage Technology in Creating the Specified Experience

  • Create Detailed Specifications

    • Smart-Home Model Experience

    • Digital Signage Placement & Content

      • Floor Plans

      • Architectural Drawings

      • Videos & Virtual Tours

    • Interactive Kiosks

    • Robot Concierge Engagement

Smart Home Design & Installation

We’ve designed and deployed Smart Home experiences to all levels of living across the senior

living industry and even to a skyscraper in Manhattan. We’ll teach you about the options and

make sure your SMART community functions seamlessly.

  • Review Building Architectural Drawings & Blueprints

  • Consult to Understand Desired Smart Home Experience & Needs

    • Voice Platform & Devices

    • Lighting

    • Thermostat

    • Concierge and more

  • Make Recommendations for Infrastructure to support Smart Home Technology

  • Create Detailed Specifications

  • Procure, Configure, Deploy & Install Equipment

  • Train Employees & Provide Ongoing Support

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AA couple on phon app.png

Prospect Engagement

Strategy & Implementation

Membership begins prior to moving in when you’re a connected community. Provide a private,

exclusive mobile channel to communicate updates, host virtual events and build a culture of

belonging way before the last brick is laid.

  • Implement Tech-Based Tools to Cultivate Relationships with Prospects & Founding

  • Members

    • Custom-Configured Mobile App

    • Configure Alexa Skill with Community Information

    • Implement Virtual Events

  • Implement Move-In Gift Program

    • Pre-Configured devices, like tablets & Echo Devices to create membership experience & build culture

    • Configure Web & Mobile Platform

  • Train Employees & Provide Ongoing Support

Interactive In-Room

Engagement Design

Create your strategy for engaging every resident in a personalized way, from their apartment,

before construction begins. Spaces present many opportunities for engagement and connection

when we view them with our expert eyes.

  • Review Building Architectural Drawings & Blueprints

  • Consult with Cable Provider for In-Room TV Configuration & Installation

  • Consult on Specifications for in-Room WIFI

  • Procure, Configure, Deploy & Install Equipment

    • Implement Mobile Device Management Platform for Apple TV & Tablets

  • Train Employees & Provide Ongoing Support