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Digital Curriculum and Entertainment for Today’s Senior Living Community.


Connected Living’s robust curriculum and group discussions topics are available to all activity and programming directors as well as residents and families, through the web-based ‘Resident Portal.’ Accessing the content is simple (every community member has a username and password) and everyone seeking knowledge and entertainment will benefit.

Learn, laugh, reminisce, amuse and exhilarate residents with multi-media and visually captivating programming. 


Employees welcome over 250 (and growing) digital, time-tested engagement programs. Discover that “tech-shy” residents of any age are eager to click and tap when they see technology’s relevance to their daily life. Connected Living’s partnership with “The Great Courses Plus” ensures that communities are able to fulfill every resident’s engagement interests and needs with this repertoire of stimulating video programs, taught by top professors.

Lifelong learning

  • Large library of 250 + topics 

  • Computer learning curriculum &     ‘Discussion Group’ digital programs

  • Group-based activities encourage interaction, socialization and memory recall 

  • Centralized content management using the eCMS.

    Easy access to programming via the resident portal

    250+ Connected Living proprietary programs

  • Thousands of  ‘Great Courses Plus’ video lectures

  • Technical and “how to” classes

  • Encourage interaction, socialization and memory recall. 

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