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Connected Living provides a powerful way to build culture and honor the critical work/life balance, sending employees a clear signal that "family matters." It's this balance that keeps employees engaged and motivated.  Our goal is to help create a modern work environment in which all employees feel connected to, and supported by, their company.

93% of employees take care of

           personal tasks at work.

79% of US employees would

           prefer new or additional

           perks over a pay raise.

70% of new hires will

           be millennials who expect

          "VIP" treatment and

           digital innovation.

65% of employees attribute

           improved retention to

           work/life balance.

My Other Full Time Job:

I hope Samantha made it to school.

Mom needs a ride to her doctor's appointment.

I need to get my husband a birthday present.

Where is Dad? I haven't heard from him all day.

Mobile Engagement

The Connected Living mobile app enables employers to push important content to employees directly through the app eliminating the risk of messages being lost in an overflowing inbox. Reach employees instantly and easily via the device they use most. 

Private Family Network

Employees can share photos and videos to a private social network. Location alerts allow users to gain peace of mind by receiving automatic alerts when loved ones come or go from designated locations. 

VIP Concierge Services

As part of their benefit package, employees can now reach a Circles personal concierge 24/7 directly through the app and save precious personal and work time to accomplish essential tasks. 

YOUR concierge can


...and much more

Employee Updates

The Connected Living mobile app enables you to push automatic updates to your employees for important events or timely information. No more unopened emails or unread flyers.

Location Alerts

Employees gain peace of mind by receiving automatic alerts when their loved ones come or go from important locations.


With the push of a button, your employees can engage a personal concierge to assist with organizing home services, personal tasks, and travel or leisure plans for themselves or family members.


Lyft Concierge allows your employees to schedule, track, and pay for Lyft rides for anyone in their family...helping with doctor's appointments, daily errands and visits with friends and family.

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