In today’s climate, it’s essential to communicate with clarity and efficiency.

Centralize content, engagement and communication management across your community or portfolio of communities. The eCMS Administrative Dashboard is the web-based, central point of entry for all content that flows through the Connected Living ecosystem. From this powerful tool, communities manage and update content throughout their ecosystem, including; a mobile app, digital signage, a proprietary Alexa voice skill, in-room TV channel, and interactive TV content through our AppleTV app.

Provide residents, family members and prospects a customized, private window into your community, culture and lifestyle.


Improve operational efficiencies by simply entering your calendar, menu, announcements, flyers, videos and other pertinent community data through one point of entry. Community employees can schedule delivery date and time, and disseminate it to multiple endpoints and audiences at once.  Engage everyone in your community and beyond, no matter where they are, with the eCMS and integrated ecosystem.

Our eCMS is a flexible & scalable enterprise platform that delivers content & communication to specific audiences at specific times. The content flows through one or many end-points to enhance engagement and personalization.

  • Centralize input and management of all community information including calendars, menus, bulletins, notifications and more.

  • Communication end-points include; Mobile App, Digital Signage, In-Room TV, Alexa-enabled voice products, temi robot & Resident Network

  • Create a more customer-centric environment

  • Integrate multiple systems (& integrations) with a centralized entry-point

  • Streamline operational efficiency through one to many communication channels

  • Organize corporate, product line and community content

  • Control access to content based on permissions/role

  • Manage content life-cycle

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